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Robust systems are those where the procedures, process, resources, management practice, and staff are flexible enough to cope with potentially drastic and disastrous change… Anon

Resilience Solutions can provide experienced emergency management and paramedic personnel to work on-site to advise site and project managers, minimise the risk of crises and catastrophic events, and to be a main point of contact on-site. This can include an on-site emergency management advisor (EMA).

Resilience Solutions has the capacity to provide all the physical resources for emergency and paramedic services to industry. A partnership with Mining and Rural Medical Services (MRMS) enables high-end medical services including on-site doctor and on-call doctor services.

In the event of an incident, Resilience Solutions personnel will:

  • mobilise an emergency control room
  • secure the area and ensure the health and safety of site personnel
  • secure any evidence
  • obtain statements
  • liaise with emergency services and site personnel.

Resilience Solutions will also supply senior personnel to liaise directly with the company representative managing the crisis and investigation. The rapid deployment of experienced staff means that the organisation has minimal down time.


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