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Robust systems are those where the procedures, process, resources, management practice, and staff are flexible enough to cope with potentially drastic and disastrous change

Resilience Solutions was formed in 2011 after recognising the increasing need for organisations to ensure their business can continue to safely operate in the event of a crisis or catastrophic event, as well as protect their corporate image.

It is a WA owned and operated business.

The Resilience Solutions team has a background in crisis and investigative management, and is widely experienced in operations within Australia and around the world. University qualifications of the Directors include the Graduate Diploma in Security Science with a major in risk management.

Even with their particular focus on high risk industries such as resources, oil and gas, mining, engineering and construction, the Resilience Solutions team recognises that business continuity is a challenge all companies face. The Resilience Solutions team continues to develop cost efficient systems and frameworks to assist businesses of all types.

Resilience Solutions has also forged key partnerships in order to help WA businesses work with local indigenous communities. The team can provide training, employment and community engagement services for indigenous personnel.

Resilience Solutions’ performance is guaranteed.

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