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Robust systems are those where the procedures, process, resources, management practice, and staff are flexible enough to cope with potentially drastic and disastrous change

It is a particular challenge to master the diverse range of skill sets required to safely operate facilities in high risk industries such as resources, oil and gas, mining, engineering and construction.

Resilience Solutions specialises in crisis management to prevent and mitigate on-site incidences and events, both onshore and offshore.

We provide staff and audit services to build organisational resilience and minimise the risk of crises occurring in the first place. Our experienced personnel can safely manage and develop prevention, preparation, response and recovery processes. And our people can be mobilised immediately in the event of a crisis or catastrophic event such as a death or serious injury on-site.

Our services include:

Crisis management planning
Investigative management
Emergency management personnel
Risk management audits
Industrial relations dispute resolution
Fatigue management
Travel safety awareness for employees travelling into Asia and Africa

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