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Protecting Corporate Reputation

Resilience Solutions provides strategic consultancy and personnel services to Government and industry to protect the corporate reputation of a diverse range of businesses.

 We have proven operational expertise in managing organisational risks relating to:

  • Security
  • Safety
  • Investigations
  • Emergencies 

Resilience Solutions has developed cost effective systems and processes which protect and prevent organisational risks to our clients.

Our company is 50% indigenous owned and operated and we are proud to be a member of the Aboriginal Business Directory, Western Australia. 

Resilience Solutions has forged key partnerships to help WA businesses work with local indigenous communities.

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Security Safety Investigations Emergency Expertise

Prevent Prepare Respond Recover

Resilience Solutions can help mitigate company risk through the design and implementation of prevention, preparedness, response and recovery processes.


Resilience Solutions can provide high-end electronic security solutions, customised for the commercial, industrial, and mining industries.


Resilience Investigations has successfully built a reputation on delivering ethical and professional criminal and civil workplace investigations to both the Government and private sectors.


Resilience drug and alcohol (D&A) workplace testing program is specifically designed for industrial users.



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